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Low Carb Latin Burger

This dish has something in common with me; it’s hard to get a flattering picture of either one of us. That fact aside, this meal is unbelievably good. I make this often and my whole family loves it every time. It is a recreation of a Food Network recipe found here. I had to make a few changes to create my low carb version of this dish. It takes a little time to put this together, but it’s totally worth the effort.


Latin Burger 

2 lbs ground beef

1/2 lb chorizo

1 small onion, finely diced

1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce (chopped) +1 tablespoon of adobo sauce


Mix all ingredients well in a large bowl. Create 8 large burgers, cover with plastic, and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Cook burgers thoroughly because they do contain pork. Melt mozzarella or monterey jack cheese on top when burgers are done. Serve with onion/jalapeno topping and roasted red pepper mayonnaise on a toasted Hungry Girl Whole Wheat Flat-Out.

To make onion/jalapeno topping, combine 2 tablespoons butter, 2 sliced onions, 1/4 cup chopped jarred jalapenos, 1/2 cup Ideal brown sweetener (or granular erythritol) in a large frying pan. Sautee until the onions are completely soft and brown.

To make roasted red pepper mayonnaise, puree 2 jarred roasted red peppers and 1/2 cup mayonnaise in a magic bullet or blender. Salt and pepper to taste.

I also serve these with seasoned fries or chips made of rutabaga or jicama. (Recipe here.)

Latin Burgers Serves 8: NET carbs about 4 per burger with onion topping and red pepper mayo. (If you use Hungry Girl Flatouts, add 8 grams each. You could also use a Joseph’s low carb pita instead for 4 or 5 net carbs, depending on the variety you use.)