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How Sweet It Is!

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I admit that I have a sweet tooth. Even after eating low carb for over a year, I can say that I still do. Part of the key to success for me has been finding ways to make “sweet” treats that actually taste like the real thing. Take the time to do a little reading about sweeteners, experiment with some in your cooking, and make your own decision about which is best for you.

I highly recommend taking a look at this article. It provides an explanation of sugar alcohols that I’m sure you’ll find very helpful.

Please take a specific look at maltitol. I do NOT recommend using any product that contains this sweetener. Not only is this the sweetener that gives sugar alcohols a bad name for digestive upset, it also has a glycemic index that is basically the same as sugar.

I have found that a combination of liquid sucralose (Splenda) and erythritol (main ingredient in Truvia) work bests for me. I do not use the brand names. I order most of my sweeteners from