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    Lasagna "Noodles"

    Few things in life are more rewarding for me than pulling hot,
    cheesy lasagna out of the oven. I am amazed by the fact that I’ve been able to
    enjoy this dish often while losing weight. It certainly doesn’t look, feel, or
    taste like “diet” food. When I explain to people that the key ingredient for
    making low-carb lasagna is actually cauliflower, I must admit I get some
    strange looks. It is a little funny I suppose. I guess people picture a big
    cauliflower floret in the middle of their lasagna and it honestly doesn’t sound
    that appealing. However, see the top for what your “cauliflower noodles” will look like when done.

    Here is a link to the recipe that I use for lasagna:

    *Update: apparently the site has changed, and it will not allow me to give you a link directly to the recipe. However, if you click the link you will go to the correct site, “Your Lighter Side.” Once you are there, search for Cauliflower Noodle Lasagna and it should come up for you. Sorry for any confusion…

    There are also other fantastic recipes on this site that use
    cauliflower or zucchini in a variety of creative ways. It’s something that you
    really can’t believe until you try it. Trust me, it’s worth it.

    Bon Appetite!