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Low Carb Marshmallow Fluff

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This is a product review of Marshmallow Fluff mix from LC Foods. ( I wanted to try some products from this company because they seem to have done their homework, (ie no sugar alcohols) and they are based in my home state of NC. The first products I tried were the LC Thick’n Potatoes (review here) and the Vanilla Frosting Mix.



I did not review the frosting mix because it was a complete failure for me. I tried it more than once and I followed the directions to the letter. I simply could not get a satisfactory result.

However, they say the third time is the charm. The Marshmallow Fluff Mix is the third product I’ve tried from this company, and it’s awesome.

According to the directions, you need two egg whites, water, and vanilla to add to the Marshmallow Fluff Mix. (find product here) It says it has zero net carbs, and the main ingredient is chicory root. The cost is $7.98 and each pouch makes two batches that are supposed to yield two cups each. I placed mine in a two cup container, and you can see it’s a little shy of being two full cups. However, the consistency and taste make the product totally worthwhile.


One batch was enough to generously frost this cake. (The cake is from Splendid Low Carbing: Chocolate Zucchini Cake) The product did lose a little of its “fluff” after being in the refrigerator for two days. It did not break down or dissolve or anything though. It was still excellent after two days. I’m not sure about 3 days because the whole cake was gone at that point. :)



So, if you are looking for a low carb white or vanilla frosting that is not cream cheese based, this is a great alternative. In my opinion, it’s worth the cost of $4 per batch . Cream cheese frosting costs about $2.50 plus the cost of your sweeteners and other ingredients. Most of  the sweeteners we use are not exactly cheap.

I plan to continue to experiment with this product. I’ll let you know what happens.


LC Thick’n Potatoes

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I recently decided to try a few products from LC Foods ( They have an interesting variety of products for people who eat low carb and/or gluten-free. They also don’t use maltitol, which tells me they’ve done their homework.

The first product I tried was LC Thick’n Potatoes which you can find here. It sells for $7.98 for a 4 ounce container.



The package directions basically say to steam, puree, and season one head of cauliflower with 1 1/2 teaspoons of this product.

Instead of doing that, I used my recipe for mashed cauliflower (here) and substituted the LC Thickener for xanthan gum.


The results were good. It did seem to give the cauliflower a texture that was more like mashed potatoes. My husband and my son both liked it. I really wish I hadn’t told them that I’d changed anything and then waited to see if they would notice a difference.

In the end, it is a good product. I’m not sure it changes the cauliflower enough to justify paying $8 for such a small quantity.

I read somewhere that a couple of tablespoons of instant mashed potato mix added to the cauliflower puree makes it seem more like the real thing. Has anyone tried that and gotten a good result?