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Continued Low Carb Success

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This picture was taken on our first anniversary. We celebrated with steak, baked potatoes, rolls, and salad. Oh, and of course, the top tier of our wedding cake. After a year in the freezer, it was absolutely delish. :( I’m not saying we didn’t have a nice time, but our low carb celebration this year was so much better.




This year we celebrated our 6th anniversary. My husband said it was the perfect meal. :) I don’t know about perfect, but it was a feast. The food was rich and decadent. The reward is obvious too.




When I tell people that I don’t “cheat” for special occasions, they usually seem to feel sorry for me. I try to tell them that I don’t feel deprived, but I’m not sure they believe me. However, the awesome thing about low carb is the fact that you can eat so well while improving your weight and your overall health.


This year’s menu included the following: steak and vegetables with compound garlic and herb butter, bacon and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms, and chocolate covered strawberries.

The recipe for the strawberries can be found here. The recipe for the mushrooms is coming soon.

Low Carb Success Story

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I’m thinking Netrition should send me a few bucks for this post. They’re not gonna, but they really oughta.

This is my husband David’s low carb success story. He’s very quick to brag on me and try to credit his success to my cooking. However, he deserves the credit for himself. He has been dedicated to low carb eating as a lifestyle, not just a diet. For nearly two years, he has eaten low carb on normal days, on vacation, and during holidays. The awesome part is, he hasn’t been deprived in doing so. If you look at the pictures above, I think you’ll see that he honestly enjoyed his low carb peanut butter pie more than the traditional version. (By the way, that recipe is coming soon and it’s soooo good.)

When people ask David how he’s lost so much weight, the conversation invariably leads to bacon. :) This in turn leads to people to ask, “But what about your cholesterol?” Or, “Aren’t you afraid of eating all that fat?”  In a word, no, he isn’t. With his permission, I am including some of his vital statistics.




Fasting Glucose



Total Cholesterol









Risk Ratio






I also want you to know that he was able to stop taking acid reflux medication and high blood pressure medication. His blood pressure used to be in the 140’s/90’s with medication. Now his blood pressure is 130’s/low 70’s without medication.

So, honey, keep up the good work and I’ll keep buying bacon in 5 pound slabs.