Low Carb Ice Cream

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This is absolutely the easiest way to create soft, delicious low carb ice cream that I’ve found. If you’ve tried to make sugar-free ice cream, you know that it normally turns into something that bears a striking resemblance to a brick. This comes out more like soft serve. Plus, you don’t have to make anything ahead of time.




So, what’s the catch? It requires a kitchen gadget. I watched the Kitchen Ninja presentation on QVC, (I know…get a life…) and as he made the ice cream I couldn’t help but wonder if it would work the same way without the added sugar. I did NOT order from QVC, but I found out later that my mom did. After we made the best strawberry ice cream I’d ever tasted in hers, I happened to see the Kitchen Ninja smoothie maker in Wal-Mart for $29. It does the trick too.



Low Carb Berry Ice Cream

3 cups frozen, no sugar added strawberries (or blueberry/mixed berries)

1 cup cream

1/2 cup erythritol (I used Swerve.)

12 drops EZ Sweetz (1/2 cup equivalent of Splenda)

Put all ingredients in your mixer and give it several short pulses to break up the berries. Then run the mixer continuously until the mixture is thoroughly combined and smooth. Add some additional cream if needed to get the berries mixed.

This yields 4 cups of ice cream, or 8 servings. (It’s all eaten immediately every time I make it, so I don’t know how well this would keep. You may want to cut the recipe in half if this is too much for your family.)

NET carbs 4.5 per serving.

*This amount seems to be all that this particular Ninja can handle. I wouldn’t try to do any more unless I had one of the larger Ninja units.

22 thoughts on “Low Carb Ice Cream”

  1. This looked so good that I was about to buy the gadget to make it, but when I was over at Darlene’s, I noticed that she had an unused Christmas present on her counter – a Ninja Pro System 1100… This may be my new favorite low-carb ice cream. I think 1/4 of that would be a good single-serving size.


  2. Can you use Splenda instead of erythritol? I don’t know what erythritol is exactly. I’m allergic to aspartame and don’t know if it’s the same kind of thing. Would love to try this recipe right now. I only have Truvia and stevia in the house and half and half instead of heavy cream.

    Can you tell me what the erythritol does in the recipe so I can try to substitute?


    1. Actually, erythritol is the main ingredient in Truvia. It’s a sugar alcohol, not an artificial sweetener like aspartame. It’s cheaper to buy the erythritol and stevia than it is to buy Truvia. They are basically interchangeable in recipes. Hope this helps!

  3. I made this recipe, but had problem with the erythritol. The erythritol didn’t break down so even though the flavor is good, it’s like eating raw sugar…crunch, crunch, crunch.

    Should I have used powdered erythritol? Or, maybe I could just use the liquid Stevia??

  4. I also have a question about the sweeteners. I get migraines from sucralose/ splenda and am fairly new to low carb so not well informed about sweeteners. I have granulated and powdered erythritol on hand, as well as “Skinny Girl”, an erythritol/stevia combo. I would also be willing to buy another sweetener as long as it didn’t have sucralose. So ready to try this ice cream – even bought my Ninja! I hope hou have a suggestion. Thank you!

  5. Would this work using granular Splenda as the only sweetener? Would it taste good? I can’t handle ANY sugar alcohols (digestive issues) so I’m finding that I can’t make a lot of the low carb recipes for sweets. :-(

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