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  1. What I notice second to the obvious weight loss is your graceful confidence. You were beautiful before and after but you looked so hesitant before and now its a very warm and loving confidence that you exude! Congrats! Im starting this week on the same journey I hope but I have a lot more to go! :-)

    1. Thank you so much! Eating low carb is the best decision I could’ve possibly made. It definitely works. Good luck! Let me know if I can help you in any way.

  2. Wow! You two did a wonderful job. I just came back to low carbing and my husband will follow me wherever I take us. We quit smoking last October and we’ve always wanted to find a program that was right for us. I low carbed before we met and then went lowfat (big mistake), then we both stopped dieting and then fasted 2x a week for a year. He lost 20 lbs. and I lost 14 lbs. We were not happy, to say the least.

    The one thing about lowcarbing is the food is so good and rich and I’m not hungry after I eat. On lowfat, I was always hungry and always afraid I’d eat something wrong or too much. I’ve learned my lesson and commit to this way of eating, until science comes up with the perfect weight loss solution.

    Thank you for posting your before and afters. Very inspiring and I hope you post updated pics of where you are now.

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