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    My name is Anna and I believe in the low carb lifestyle. My husband David and I have lost over 160┬ápounds since September 1, 2010. We started low carbing after my husband was told that he was borderline diabetic and might need to start medication. I knew immediately what we needed to do. I already had the knowledge, I just needed the motivation of a good health scare. David has now lost 75 pounds and at last check his non-fasting blood sugar was 88. He has also been able to eliminate his acid reflux and high blood pressure medicine. I have lost 86 pounds and counting. We are happier and healthier than we’ve been in years. The good news is that we still get to enjoy food and we eat very well. Low carbing has literally been a lifesaver for us! Join me as we share ideas, recipes, and tips for adopting low carb as a lifestyle.